2011 Season

*** Shock win to Crows in the last minute added Round 10 game - gives the Crows the win for the season by percentage only over the Lions!  See Match report below *** 
CONGRATS to the "CROWS" for winning the 2011 Season in a great final game of the Womens League Season 2011 ! 

GAMES Began Saturday April 9 at 2.00pm 
Please be at the field at least 30 mins prior to the games by 1.30pm. Please see the team you have temporarily been placed into below for 2011. We are always happy to accept new players even after the season has begun.

    After Round 9  
Team Win Tie Loss For Against % Points
Crows 5
5 547 527 103.7 22
Lions 5 1
 5     527 547 96.3 22
June 18, 2011
Crows 7-11 (53) defeated Lions 7-7 (49) by 4 points
A surprise 10th game was scheduled after Mike had promised the Womens National Team Coach, Tristan from Edmonton that he could view the Women in their last game today.  Mike had mixed the dates up so a new game was scheduled for today to showcase the Women's league for Tristan. Coach Jason was late to the field due to his hair appointment so Mike had Kathryn playing on the Crows amongst other "different" moves which affected the Crows performance in the positive as they piled on early pressure and ultimately goals.  If not for some inaccurate kicking in front of goals the Crows could have been further ahead by half time in the drizzly damp conditions. Jason made some changes at half time with Kathryn back on her original team Lions amongst a couple of other minor positional changes such as Allison moving to full forward for the Lions. Kathryn strengthened the Lions immediately in the middle which ignitied Hanna and Ceilidh who all started to get into the game more and they began whittling back the 5 goals difference on the scoreboard. The Crows were still ahead by 3 and a half goals at 3 quarter time with one quarter to go. Yes we had our first 4 quarter game in ND Footy history at Burnsview. With the 10 players a side which was the most of the year, most had more energy anyway and the Lions came home strong  but not without steadying goals from Katie who was on fire in the end for the Crows. Marlena played well all game with Lizzy as always by her side and Emma doing well again.  The new young girls that played also faired well and the old hands of Lorna, Lotta and Allison all had great games. It was one of the most competitive games of the year and a great "real" finish to the year this time! A close finish in the end as Crows hung on for just a 4 point win and with their superior percentage over the year, the Crows came out as the champions and not the Lions!!  Controversial you may say as Lions had previously been declared the season winners, however that was before this game was known and therefore the Crows rightfully take the title!
Congrats to all the girls and women that played in front of the womens national coach Tristan in a most competitive and fun end to the season!   Again!  lol. 
June 11, 2011
Lions 7-8 (50) defeated Crows 4-4 (28) by 22 points
The final game was played in sunny pleasant conditions and despite the absence of Karen for the Crows and Kathryn for the Lions (who were very strong players all season for their teams), the game was highly skilled and competitive! A couple of younger players added to our numbers and they had great first games in our last official game of the year!  Disappointingly Katie and Natasha did not play after having played in the junior games earlier in the day but we were spoilt with the return of Marlena for the Crows in her first game all season (due to injury).  Marlena performed to her normal high level and with Lizzy (who had earlier in the day won the "Stratford" medal for Best & Fairest in the U16's), they gave the Crows a big chance to win the game early on. Crows and Lions were neck and neck by the end of the first quarter with a couple of goals to each side. Then two Lions had to leave early so Coach Jason started the 2nd quarter for the Lions as they were 2 women down otherwise. Even with a player down the Lions continued to improve as they had all season and Hanna continued the win the ball out of the middle with Ceilidh, Jason and Emma getting lots of the ball.  Emma was particularly impressive with her knowledge of where to position herself on the footy field and she looks to be a star of the future! Up forward Allison was getting free and Jodi was playing the best game of her season.  Jodi took strong marks on the lead and was kicking well creating multiple scoring opportunities. She had improved immensely since Round 1  and it was pleasing to see her do so well and with Hanna moving into the forward line in the 3rd quarter and scoring goals, Lions ran out comfortable 22 point victors.  Jenna was great in the middle for the Crows and tried hard and ran tirelessly all game while Lotta also performed well as she has all year in defence.  Lorna did well again with her limited opportunities and showed how she too had improved greatly this season.  Just dont tell her to "take her time" when she is having a shot at goal!  She'll rip your head off when she misses! lol.  With the Lions win came the Season win too!  Congrats to the Lions and also to the Crows for a very close and exciting and fun second season of Women's Footy! Thanks to everyone that came out.

June 04, 2011
Lions 7-6 (48) defeated Crows 5-4 (34) by 14 points
Today's game was played in sunny and warm conditions (for Vancouver) and we managed to get 8 players per side which was better.  Playing on the large field we kept it that size and it certainly was hard work but nearly everyone perfered the extra space by the end of the game. The game today saw a great return of Katie who played on the Crows and did a great job for her first hit out with the women since her injury delay/break.  She got better as the game went on and helped the Crows stay close all day.  With some good focus up forward by Lorna and Corrina and Jason with Lotta in defence and once again with Lizzy playing well through the middle, the Crows put in a great effort playing without a couple of their star performers.  The Lions however had one of their stronger sides out on the field and boosted again from a great performance around the middle by Hanna, Kathryn was also all over the field and was great all day. Natasha and Allison provided some good focus up forward and scored some telling goals and Denese led well from defence as always. Overall it was a great team performance by the Lions who evened up the competition with this win by 14 points with one final game remaining.  If the effort is the same as it was this week and we get a big turnout we should have a super final deciding game in a very even competition this season!  Congrats everyone and lets have a super fun and competitive last game this coming week!
May 28, 2011
Crows 9-2 (56) defeated Lions 6-10 (46) by 10 points
Today's game coach Jason was away. Awaiting some input for some sort of a match report to follow...

May 14, 2011
Crows 7-7 (49) lost to Lions 9-7 (61) by 12 points
Today's game was played in muggy conditions on the full field with 7 players a side. Coach Jason joined the Lions for the first quarter as they were short 1 player. Strengthened with Kathryn and strong play out of the middle from Celilidh and Hanna and also Jason saw the Lions dominate the first quarter. Hanna was everywhere and was playing amazing and Allison was presenting herself upfront too creating options. Lions had 5 goals straight before Crows scored the last goal of the quarter through Emma. Jason switched Emma for himself to begin the 2nd half and hoped it would strengthen the Crows. The signs were good early however Lions had Hanna and Kathyrn continuing to play well and getting lots of space. Lizzy for the Crows started to come into the game more though and by the end of the evenly contested quarter, the Lions led still by roughly 5 goals. In the 3rd quarter emma who was now a Lion continued to play well and added a goal to her 2nd quarter goal and Allion also did well. Suddenly Lions led by almost 7 goals early in the final quarter Then the Crows found their second wind as Jason started to forget how old he was and with the aid of Lizzy and a much improved effort from Jenna they began to run more and present themselves. Jason scored a few goals in a row and presented opportunities to Lorna and Lizzy and Corinna did well to keep the ball in the area up front also. Denese battled Lorna hard in defence for the Lions and Kathryn did well holding up Jason on occasions. Allison took a great mark up forward and stopped the Crows run of goals and halt their comeback. Crows did pick it up again in the last couple of minutes with a couple more goals and in the end ran out of time and fell short by just 2 goals. A great comeback but a deserved victory was had by the Lions for their full game effort. Congrats to first time Womens league player Marina (Mandarin) who did really well and everyone else who put in a great effort in muggy conditions on a large un-mowed field!
May 07, 2011

Crows 6-10 (46) tied Lions 7-4 (46) by 0 points

The fifth round was played in great spirits once we struggled again to get 7 a side.  Coach Jason joined the Crows who were 1 short and once again played on Paige of the Lions.  Crows jumped away to an early lead by a couple of goals and Jason switched with a Lion for the second quarter and the scores were close by the end of the second quarter.  A bad headache to one of the Crows players at the end of the 2nd meant Jason had to come off for the 3rd quarter to even the teams up and in the end Crows were innacurate in front of goal compared to the Lions and the score ended up tied!  Our first exciting tie of the year.  Game seemed to me to be played in slow motion for some reason other than the odd burst of speed from Lizzy once again and Janna and Paige faired reasonably well in patches.  Not the greatest quality game but the result was nice and close.  Special mention to first gamer Emma who did a great job and also Hanna playing her second game for the women did really well.  Good performances up front from Lorna for the Crows and Denese for the Lions were other standouts.  

April 30, 2011

Crows 12-5 (77) defeated Lions 8-4 (52) by 25 points

The fourth round was played without Coach Jason as was away in Seattle for a conference. A lack of reports from players came in about this game but I hear it was played once again with about 7 a side and it saw Hanna McFarlane play her first game with the Women and she competed well.  It also saw a return of a star player for the Lions from last year, Hayley and although she only played part of the game she was a star along with the Crows Lizzy who once again was one of the best on the field.  Crows came out on top by 25 points.  

April 23, 2011

Lions 8-9 (57) defeated Crows 8-5 (53) by 4 points

The third round began in wonderful sunshine and finally a dry field.  Again short on players we had to stretch things and change things up quite a bit. Coach Jason played on the Crows side in his normal passive role for the whole game while Lions played with an extra player for the first 2 quarters. The Lions jumped out to a couple of goals lead early and finished the quarter strong too with Lizzy the standout for the Crows in a depleted team with one less player.  Young Mackenzie joined in on the Crows team as well playing her first game for the year and she was playing great too. Crows came back in the 2nd quarter and made it a close margin at half time while Lizzy had switched to the Lions for the quarter due to some other changes and then back to the Crows for the third! Boys Coach Mike wanted in on the action and as we were down on numbers, he joined in on the Lions team.  Strengthened by Lizzy's return, the Crows had a good quarter but the Lions kept an elusive goal ahead each time with Mike holing steady in defence and they ran out deserved victors by 4 points.  

April 16, 2011

Lions 3-4 (22) defeated Lions 3-2 (20) by 2 points

The second round of women's football saw once again a lot of absences from the lineups. Lots of long term injuries and people being away again. So we made do with eventually fielding 7 Lions against 6 Crows with coach Jason on the Crows side as the Crows were also without 2 key players. We decided to keep the field the same size and this resulted in a no scoring first quarter with both defences playing really well. Crows kicked with a strong wind so this was a win for the Lions it seemed. 2nd quarter was also very tight early but then some goals to both sides were added later. Lions booted 3 while Crows managed just the 1 against the breeze in what was a very long quarter due to timekeeper Steve's momentary lapse of brain hee hee. So with a shortened final quarter of 7mins the Crows battled hard with the aid of the wind and managed to get to within 2 points by the final whistle. 2 of the younger Crows girls left the game early again at the end of the second so the Lions Allison switched teams and helped the Crows get close in the finish. Great work again by all players on both sides on what was an improvement in standard on last weeks game even considering the lack of the key more experienced players. Next week looks set to be a great game as long as we can have a 3 quarter commitment from everyone and no-one schedules a doctors appointment during the women's game time! Thanks again everyone for a fun game. 

April 9, 2011
Crows 7-8 (50) defeated Lions 7-6 (48) by 2 points
On a cold early April Saturday afternoon, the 2nd season of Women's Footy was underway. Low on numbers the Women with Coach Jason played a slighltly shortened field with 7 players on each team. Jason played on the Lions team for the first quarter and the Lions team sent the ball down into attack often with the help of a more experienced line-up than the Crows. At quarter time it was 5 goals to 0 and some behinds by each team. Jason changed teams for the second quarter and the Crows were able to get back into the game gradually with much better team play and a building confidence. At the end of the 2nd quarter the Crows were behind just a couple of goals. Sarah left the game at the end of the second quarter and so for the last quarter Coach Jason stayed off the field as each team played 6 against 6. In the 3rd and final quarter the Lions seemed to have more energy and started off with an early goal and with a few minutes left on the clock the Lions looked to have it won leading by almost 3 goals. With the Crows looking spent Coach Jason came on to spur them along and it seemed to pay dividends as the Crows found some fight and suddenly some straight kicking on goal. Some quick goals from Lorna and in the last few seconds Corrina saw the Crows finish on top in an exciting finish by 2 points. Lotta was fantastic in defence all day and was one of the best for the Crows. Everyone put in a super effort considering the tricky conditions. Hopefully next Saturday there will be more numbers and it will make for an even better standard of game.  Special mention goes out to the new players, Karen, Allison, Jodie and Amanda who all did fantastic for their first games. It was also great to see Kathryn playing her first game in BC since coming over from Calgary. Kathryn is a Team Canada national player along with the Lions Paige on the field today. Nice job everyone!


End of Practices for Season 2011.  Thanks to those that came out each week!
See Practice & Game Schedule page for more information
Welcome to the 2011 Women's Footy Season!
This season Jason is back "looking after the Women's teams"!  
It's been a fun season thanks to everyone for joining in! 
                        Last years Lions and Crows Teams
    Returning 2011 Coach "Goalsneak Jase" with "Gentle Geoffrey"

2 Teams battle each other for the APR-JUN season at Burnsview Secondary, Delta BC. The games are played on Saturday's early APR- mid JUN after the Junior games at 2-3pm.  
This is the second year for Women's Footy in BC. Most of the players began their Footy playing in the juniors competition over the years in Delta BC however some have had no experience at all, but all find that they love the game!  We are always looking for more players to join in the fun and this year we already have some more "mature aged" newbies!  
Participation in this league enables selection to the BC Representative side "West Coast Wildcats" and the Canadian National Women's team selection. 

PLAYER LIST for 2011


Lotta - # 8 (c)
Lorna - # 44
Katie (recalled)
Jenna - # 4
Lizzy - # 9
Corrina - # 11 
Karen - # 13 
Sarah - # 7 
Amanda - #   
Lyndsay (m.i.a)
Mckenzie (occasionally)
Marlena (recalled)

Lions      (Sponsored by The Delta Lion Pub)

Denese (c) 
Paige (injured) - # 10
Ceilidh - # 13
Natasha (recalled) - # 23
Allison - # 19
Kathryn - # 9
Jodi - # 11 
Trish (m.i.a)
Danielle (recalled)
Megan (recalled)
Stef (m.i.a)
Lisa (recalled)

What are the positions on the Footy Field? 
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