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2012 Results & Game Reports

Final 2012 SEASON STANDINGS - After Round 7

Team Win Tie Loss For Against % Points
Crows 4 0
3 337 311 108.3 16
Lions 3 0
4 311 337 92.2 12
Round 7 - June 16, 2012
Crows 7-10-52
Lions    4-2-26
Match Report 

Match report to come.  EARLS Player of the Game - Lorna (Crows)
Round 6 - June 2, 2012
Lions  6-6-42
Crows 3-2-20
Match Report 

With Jason away it was painful getting someone to remember the final score in this game.  Rumour has it that Lions won fairly easily and apparantly Ceilidh had a great game and scored many goals for the Lions. Apparantly Jordan had a great game for the Crows. That's all I know so I have created a final score based on that knowledge and that evens the for and against for both teams now for Round 7's final game. 3 wins each now and the same percentage means the final game is the decider for the title. Hopefully for the Crows first year player Colleen will have had her Ham last night and will be there in all her glory!   EARLS Player of the Game - Jordan (Lions)
Round 5 - May 26, 2012
Crows 8-4-52
Lions 8-2-50
Match Report 

Brilliant sunny mild weather made for a really good game today. The game was close from the very beginning with both teams trading goals.  There were 7 goals on the board before there was a single miss which was remarkably accurate kicking for goal. Lorna had the first miss for the Crows and blamed Jason for putting her off (lol) as he was helping Kevin umpire in this game and was close by to Lorna at the time.  She was providing an excellent focus up-front and has really shown improvements with her leading and her all-around play.  Colleen in the second quarter scored the goal of the game after asking for a handpass from Lorna running by her she then banged the ball on her foot and set it sailing right through the middle big sticks for a goal! No amount of Ham the night before was going to stop her from scoring that goal! Lizzy was dominating in the game too for the Crows and fell just short of earning the Earls Player of the Game.  That award fell to Jodi for the Lions in her best game ever in my opinion.  Her attack on the ball and her skills have really improved and her effort could not be faulted and she had a great game.
Hanna was playing really well too until she had a head on collision with Alexa of the Crows which Alexa came off second best.  Possibly a mild concussion or at least banged up she was taken from the ground for the rest of the game.  Hanna too played on and off the field a little from this point although more to do with a back injury. Denise again for the Lions had a great game and she stepped up by playing in the ruck and winning lots of the ball in the middle of the ground for the first 2 quarters. Lions were slightly ahead at that point and in the third quarter they missed her in the middle despite Paige having one of her best games of the year and doing her best to get the ball forward also. Crows were 8 points up with less than a minute left before the last kick of the day was a goal for the Lions making it just a 2 point game.  Great game from everyone today though and again the young girls that played also also had a big contribution in the fine display.     EARLS Player of the Game - Jodi (Lions) 
Round 4 - May 12, 2012
Crows   8-2-50
Lions    6-6-42
Match Report 

Jason away this round Mike and Steve were on hand and advised all played really well.  Crows came out on top amongst strong games by Denese for the Lions and Emma who was back on the Crows team. EARLS Player of the Game - Emma DeSousa (Crows)
Round 3 - May 5, 2012
Lions   7-4-46
Crows  5-4-34
Match Report 

Today saw us with half the girls from both teams out of the lineups and many of them senior players too.  Seasoned players such as Kelsey and Natasha, Jenna, Lorna, Ceilidh and Stef to name just a few.  However Crows were strengthened with the appearance of Marlena and with the lack of senior players on the Lions the decision  was made to put Emma back on the Lions for this week only.  Three new juniors made their first start for the Womens league and they were all very impressive.  Kaitlyn, Hannah and April were put on to teams and all did really well.  Kaitlyn especially had some great moments for the Lions and helped the Lions throughout the game have the edge over the Crows.  It was a close first quarter however with both teams trading goals with good drive out of the middle from the Lions with Paige and Hanna doing well and Lizzy and Marlena for the Crows.  It was a good match up and the scores were even a couple of goals each at quarter time. 
In the second quarter the Crows had a lot of the ball but were falling down across their half forward line and the ball was being repelled time and time again by a reurgent Denese who was having her best game of the season.  At one point after receiving a 50 metre penalty after a LIzzy indiscretion she actually had a lick straight on rather than her trademark "snappage" kicks!  Crows still managed a couple of goals however and with the Lions getting the ball down to newbie Kerry to kick the ball of the ground a couple of times for a goal, the scores were again tied at half time. 
In the third quarter Hanna and Paige kept working hard driving the ball out of the middle with the help of Emma and Kaitlyn and they found goals and Kerry again who was presenting well and having her best game in only her 3rd outing.  Marlena, Marina R and Alexa and Lizzy again all tried hard to get the Crows back in the game and Sam did well in the back trying to protect the goal however the Lions had more run and determination and finished 2 goals ahead at the end in the closest game of the season so far.  Congratulations to everyone for a great effort and a game well played!  
EARLS Player of the Game - Denese Gentry (Lions) 
Round 2 - April 21, 2012
Crows 11-10-76
Lions    3-4-22
Match Report 

We had a reasonable turn out of players for Round 2 of the season although some of the more experienced players were not in attendance.  Crows were again low in numbers so coach Jason started for the Crows. Jason sent the ball downfield time and time again with the help of Lizzie and a first game of this year Marina R who was getting many touches of the ball.  Lorna was making some great leads and with the help of Colleen who always finds voice and space in the forward line, the Crows piled on 6 unanswered goals. The Lions were without Kelsey n the first quarter which seemed to make a big difference.
Also there was some sickness in the Lions ranks especially always reliable defender and Lions captain Denese and also Natasha who were both visibly struggling with illness. This didnt help the Lions cause at all and at the end of the first quarter Natasha had to retire from the game with a bad cough that wouldnt stop. This for a minute pulled Jason out of the game (or so it appeared) except for an arrival by Kelsea to the field. 
So the second quarter began with Jason in ruck against Kelsey mainly because there was no one else of height or experience in the Crows to compete with Kelsea.  Also Coach Jason wanted to lead from the front with explaining the Rucking situation from throw ins which we introduced today as a warm-up to next weekends BC v ALBERTA clash. Brian and Josh from the juniors helped us out by being the Boundary Umpires and this worked well whenever the ball went out of play. Despite Jason in the ruck, Kelsea had a great game and won most hitouts against Jason although the Lions were let down by a quieter than normal midfield. Despite some improvement on the scorboard and solid games from Ceilidh, Kelsea and Hanna (who was finally starting to get into the game), the Crows still had the edge.  Alexa once again was getting a lot of the ball and with the help of Emma who recently was transfered over from the Lions, sister Lizzy was also again playing well. 
Into the third quarter and the trend continued despite improved efforts from Paige and a once again fast finishing Hanna, the Crows had the answers and stretched out their lead to the end to 54 points. Marina R had a great consistent game getting many touches and fighting for every ball and the junior girls on both teams had also improved.  It was great to see newbie Kerry enjoying herself out their for the Lions and giving her all too.  EARLS Player of the Game - Marina Robinson (Crows)
Round 1 - April 14, 2012
Lions 13-5-83
Crows 8-5-53
Match Report 

We had a great turn out of 11 players on Lions and 10 for the Crows in our first game of the season. Lots of new younger girls and some others that I hadn't heard from for a whole made it hard to setup the teams in advance. It also made it hard to judge what level they played at. To counter balance the extra player on the Lions, I had the Crows kick with a fairly strong breeze in the first quarter. 

Once the game began it was apparent that the Lions had a stronger team on the field. Lead by ex Toronto player Kelsey the ball came out of the middle with ease as the Lions showed they had more will to run and work for the ball than the Crows and they also had more experience on the team. At the end of the first quarter the Lions were already more than 6 goals ahead. 

I decided to switch new junior player Sam from The Lions to the Crows to give the Crow the extra player for the rest of the game. It didn't seem to help much though as it was the same players out of the middle that we're driving the ball forward time and time again. Paige and Natasha were solid and Hanna just got better and better as the game wore on. The big difference on the scoreboard was from a fantastic display from Stef. She booted many goals and from tight angles. I hadn't seen her at any of the practices prior to this 1st game so I didnt expect such an influence on the game. On the other side Ceilidh battled hard as did Jenna who did a great job sticking with the tricky Kelsey all the game and as usual Lizzy was doing most of the running and having a great game. Due to the lack of experienced players however the Crows fell down across the forward line despite the great efforts of Lorna and newbie Colleen. Colleen in her first ever game was outstanding in limited opportunities and at one point took a great running mark by the sidelines that had the crowd on its feet! 
Despite the efforts by the Crows and the extra player, the Lions led by over 10 goals by the end of the 2nd quarter. 

Allison who had put in her normal stellar effort suffered a tough tackle that put her out of the game for the Lions and this saw the Crows another player up for the game until Katie for the Crows left the game early in the third. She had put in her normal tough and skilfull performance but had some injury concerns. This put the Crows only one player up and still well behind on the scoreboard. Coach Jason decided to join in for the Crows to stimulate some movements and spread the ball around to players that had little of it earlier for the Crows. This paid dividends as the Crows passed the ball around as the Lions had all day and managed to kick 6 goals for the quarter. All day Alexa all day was a star for the Crows alongside Lizzy and some of the younger players also found some confidence late on and found some touches. Colleen scored her lest ever goal after a pass from Jason although the Lions kept running all day and right to the end also adding to the scoreboard. Lions ran out winners by 5 goals in the end in a great first up game for the season.  EARLS Player of the Game - Alexa (Crows)