2010 Season


2 Teams battled each other for the APR-JUN season at Burnsview Secondary, Delta BC.
The games were played Saturday's APR- mid JUN after the Junior games at 3pm until 4pm.  
This was the inaugural year for Women's Footy in BC. Most of the players began their Footy playing in the juniors competition over the years in Delta BC and some had no experience at all and soon found they loved the game!  Everyone had a great 1st season of Women's footy and we are always looking for more players to join in the fun!
Participation in this league enables selection to the BC Representative side "West Coast Wildcats" and the Canadian National Women's team selection.
The player list for the 2 Teams are listed at the bottom of the page.
Northern Lights defeat US Freedom
PHOTOS from the International Game:
June 12, 2010
Lions 5-3 (33) defeated Crows 4-5 (29) by 4 points
Jason's brief summary:  Our final game of the season was played in brilliant sunshine and with reasonable numbers we were able to play a competiive game.  The Lions for a change had fewer players so Mike suited up for them and they had the better start to the game.  By the end of the first quarter the Lions had jumped ahead to a 3 goal lead.  It seemed mid-way through the 2nd quarter that the Lions had one player more somehow and so coach Jason went on to help the Crows get back in the match (considering coach Jason obviously couldnt count!). Into the 3rd quarter this paid off as the Crows started to spread the ball around better and they managed in the end to fall short by just 4 points in a close finish which was similar to the opening game of the season which ended in a tie.  This was a fitting way for the season to end and all agreed during the wrap-up after that it was a fun and enjoyable if not short season! Most of the women's players advised their delight in knowing that I was setting up an exhibition game either in July or August to be played in-between the 2 men's games of BC Footy.  Details of that still to come.  Thanks to all for a great fun first ever season of Women's Footy! Congrats to the Lions for winning the season too.
    After Round 8 (7 Games played only)
Team Win Tie Loss For Against % Points
Lions 5 1
2 299 289 106.7 22
Crows 2 1
5 289 299 96.6 10
June 05, 2010
Crows 11-7 (73) defeated Lions 5-3 (33) by 40 points
Mike's brief summary (in Jason's absence, but written by Jason): Round 8 saw some decent numbers at the ground for the women's game. With the return of some of the Crows players being absent the last couple of weeks and an absence of one of the Lions "stars", the Crows managed a decent win finally. In a great game of footy the Crows found their team play working for them as they managed a number of foray's into attack and were rewarded by some dominant forward play with a number of goals. Mike came on for the Crows with the injury to "Kamakazie Katie" at the end of the first quarter and the Lions never troubled the Crows as they won their 2nd game of the season.   
May 29, 2010
No Game Was Played due to low numbers (5 of the girls were in Calgary for national training and coach was away!)
May 15, 2010
Lions 8-7 (55) defeated Crows 4-0 (24) by 31 points
Jason's brief summary: Round 6 was another great day out in brilliant sunshine.  Both Mike and Jason helped out playing on the Lions and the Crows teams respectively at the beginning of the game. From the outset once again due to a number of the more experienced Crows not able to start the game, the Lions had a more accomplished looking line up. It took the Lions a little while however to get their game together and the Crows took an early lead 2 goals to 1 before the Lions finished with a couple of goals to end the quarter ahead narrowly. It was an excellent tight first quarter and a notable incident was "yours truly" who scored a ball to the eye knocking out my contact and shaking me up a little! My vision wasn't as good from then on but what I could see was an improving Lions attack on the ball! A Crow player left the game to start the 2nd quarter so Mike dropped out of the Lions team as the second quarter drew to a close. The Lions were getting stronger and stronger with their superior passing play involving all their players and by the end of the 2nd quarter they were a few goals ahead.  Another Crows player failed to start the 3rd quarter (which was unknown to both Coach and Captain of the Crows) so the Crows were playing with 1 player less through much of the final quarter. It was tough going for the Crows who tried their hardest in the warm conditions, but the Lions unit who continually turn up with the same players each week are really playing well now as a team and deserved their confortable win in the end. 
May 8, 2010
Lions 5-6 (36) defeated Crows 3-4 (22) by 14 points
Jason's brief summary:  Round 5 was played in brilliant sunshine and wonderful conditions.  We started off a little light on player numbers on the Crows side and then with the late additions we ended up 1 short on the Lions.  Former player and junior men's head coach Mike decided he was itching to fill in and have a kick for old times sake so he started with the Lions. The Lions didnt seem to really need him though as they dominated possesion and scoring shots with their more experience players that came out to play today.  The Crows had a couple of new and rusty players fill the numbers and it showed on the scoreboard.  Mike came off 3/4 of the way through the first quarter for a newly arrived Lion but the domination continued.  Lions led 5 goals to 0 at quarter time.  Teams changed ends and the 2nd quarter began similar to the first, so half way into the quarter I decided to "even" up the teams a little and try to help out the Crows curb the scoring of the Lions.  This worked as I tried to kick start the Crows from the half back line into playing a more direct brand of football by sending the ball down to the often open full forward line.  This is where the Crows finally managed to whittle back the score.  In what seemed like a very quick last quarter the Crows ran out of time though losing to the Lions by just over 2 goals. 
May 1, 2010
Lions 6-6 (42) defeated Crows 6-2 (38) by 4 points
Jason's brief summary:  The sun came out and this brought a few more players out which was great!  We ended up with 9 a-side when I had to join in again this time starting off with the Crows. It was a good standard game from the beginning with better conditions than previous weeks and with the aid of a breeze, Lions jumped out to a quick 2 goal lead before the Crows settled and starting passing it around and sending the ball up to some good targets in the forward line. The high scoring quarter ended with the Crows leading 4 goals to 2 and a couple of behinds to both sides. It was great to see some of the "veterans" starting to get used to the game and get more involved.  I went off the field at the beginning of the 2nd quarter after an injury to a Lions player so to even up the teams again. Then another injury to another Lion saw me enter the game again to even the numbers up once more but this time as a Lion. It was a tight game after quarter time as players began to tire. The Lions however slowly chipped away at the margin they were trailing by and in the last few seconds of the final third quarter, kicked an opportunistic goal from the half forward line to steal victory by 4 points at the very last!  An exciting close tussel in the end and a fun challenging game was had by all.  Lions now are 1 win up over the Crows in the series.
April 24, 2010
Lions 7-7 (49) defeated Crows 2-6 (18) by 31 points
Jason's brief summary: The third game of this year once again was played on a very wet field after rain throughout most of the day.  However this time the rain stayed away during the duration of the game.  It still made conditions a little tricky and also could be the reason why our numbers that turned out were not great again.  Also there seemed to be a lot of injuries due mainly to other sports some of the girls had been playing such as soccer! grrrr.  Anyway we only had numbers for 7 a side so we reduced the size of the field again and this time as the Lions were down a player I suggested that I join in the game. I asked all the girls first if they were ok with this because I believe unlike the other games in the day the appeal of this one I believe is this is designed to be a womens only league.   They agreed they liked the womens only formula but considered I was pretty much considered a "woman" so I was ok to fill in! haha. Anyway I enjoyed playing apart in this game and just played it gently and tried to get the Lions leading into spaces, using the wings and passing the ball around a lot.  It worked as the Lions put the score on the board early and jumped out to a decent lead.  I came off at half time due to an injury to a Crows player and they finished off the game 6 - a side.  It was a great team effort from both sides and the reversal score of last weeks result just shows how topsy turvy these games are going to be between these 2 teams. It may come down to who turns up for both teams on the day. I'm trying to create some teamsmanship and pride in each of the teams by not switching players around if I can help it. I elected Captains  for both teams. Thanks and good luck to the 2 captains for this season: Denese for the Lions and Kourtney for the Crows.   I hope you can rally your troops for some passionate and fun performances for the rest of the season! Hopefully we can get more out next Saturday to play.  Let's pray for nice weather!
The Lions Kaelyn after an "accidental" elbow to the eye by Crow Katie in Round 3!
April 17, 2010
Crows 7-4 (46) defeated Lions 2-9 (21) by 25 points 
Jason's brief summary: The second game of the season kicked off in driving rain which might have been one of the reasons why we had a poor turnout of players. We played about 7 a side and scrambled to put even teams together at the same time trying to stick to the original Crows and Lions squads. Clearly from the outset with the return of some "seasoned" players, the Crows had more experience and kicking with the aid of a reasonably strong breeze they jumped ahead by a couple of goals by the end of the first quarter. Lions kicked with the wind in the second quarter and had an equal share of the play and one extra player due to a late arrival by one of the players at quarter time. This evened the teams up a little and then I kept the Lions with the wind in the 3rd quarter and still with an extra player. As with last week however despite having the same amount of shots on goal, the Lions missed their chances and kicked points instead of goals.  The difference on the scoreboard flattered the Crows who were more accurate in front of the big sticks. For those that turned up it was a great effort in the rain that seemed to get heavier as the game went on.  Thanks for all your efforts and fun in the wet difficult conditions! 
April 10, 2010
Crows 4-6 (30) tied with Lions 3-12 (30)
Coach Jason's brief summary:  A fantastic first up game for the women was played in difficult windy conditions! The 1st quarter had the Crows kicking with the wind but the Lions did a great job in holding them up and controlled a lot of the general play.  They could score a goal though and so they finished with a few behinds (points) and the Crows led by a small amount by quarter time.  The Lions started off the 2nd quarter the same as the first but after again many misses at goal resulted in just points, they finally kicked straight and ended the quarter just behind the Crows who's kicking for goal was better and they held a slim lead at quarter time. An injury to Kiara put the Crows a player down in the 3rd quarter but with the aid of the breeze in the final stanza it made for a very tight finish.  Lions managed to score a couple of goals against the breeze early in the quarter amongst further misses and they lead until the last few seconds of the game when the Crows scored a goal right before the final siren ended the match.  A great perfomance by everyone on the field and particularly impressive was the passing around of the ball between both teams. I wanted everyone to look out wide to the wings more especially when clearing the ball from defence and this was done well. I was impressed with the skills for the most part and the effort from everyone was great. A lot of fun was had by all (which is always the main thing) and the final score showed that accuracy with skills and shooting for goal is very important in this game, as the Lions had 6 more scoring shots than the Crows but the Crows scored one more goal so the game finished even.  A super start to the season!  Thanks to all for a fun and entertaining game!
PLAYER LIST for 2010
Marlena (Captain)
Kourtney (V.Captain)
Lions (Sponsored by Delta Lion Pub)
Denese (Captain)


Head Coach - Jason Stratford (jason@travelg.com and stratjas9@hotmail.com)
Ass. Coach - Mike McFarlane  (lottaspike@telus.net)
Team Manager - Morgan Bartholet (morganbartholet@hotmail.com)
If Lotta can do it...anyone can! (Jason with Lotta and Mike. Thanks for the great 1st Women's season!)